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Come back, dear one...

As I sat quietly in gratitude today, letting the vibration of truth from my meditation wash over me, I heard words of power and resonance shifting across my consciousness, clamoring to be written into existence. In deference to Divine will, I took the time to channel them through, despite the different plan I had intended to follow for the day.

I'm so glad I did! Even as I read them again, they bring tears to my eyes and a much needed warmth to my heart. I was guided to share them with you :-) May these words call you back to your sacred self,  uplift your spirit & bring a sense of solace in these troubled times ❤︎


Come back to your sacred self, dear one

to loving arms inside the beating drum.

Follow truth in the call of the wind

come back to feel the space of stillness within.

Come back to your treasured home inside

where long met eyes hold only smiles.

Join in the distant song of the stars

come back and dance among the wildest hearts.

Come back and seek your warrior side

find the path of peace and strength aligned.

Look no more to fears and worry

come back from sleepless nights and blank hurry.

Come back and choose lightly, strong in faith

all you hold dear will always be safe.

Energy is ever present, undying

come back to flowing freedom; Divine timing.

Come back to wondrous creation unmade

be like clay with infinite potential in phase.

Let go of ego and pretentious mind

come back and step into your power refined.

Come back to the wisdom of nature and trees

hear the soul of Mother Earth in need.

Embrace the primal sound of Oneness

come back to harmony and true abundance.

Come back to deep inner presence alone

remake the crystal chalice with pure waters and tones.

Feel the night sky open within you

come back to limitless light, shining through.


Intuitive writing is a practice that’s near and dear to my heart. I’ve been doing it for 18+ years since my beloved friend Ronnie Rennae taught me how to connect with angels. It provides insightful perspective & connects us to something greater and far more wiser than our human outlook.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It was a vulnerable share for me. If you feel inspired, please “Like” the article below using the ♥️ icon in the bottom right corner or post a comment.

Also, feel free to reach out to me on FB, IG or Pinterest @starsongmaiden ❤︎

The Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you,

Starsong Maiden


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