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Starsong Music

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I believe every piece of existence was called into being from the perfect formula of light and sound, including humankind.  Quantum Physics has now proven that when we have continued access to a specific frequency, our energy field will align itself to this new frequency.  Since part of our consciousness is linked to our energy field, it too will either evolve or devolve according to the nature of the frequencies it is continually exposed to.  Everything in existence vibrates at a certain frequency and has a particular resonance.  Why not choose to align with the highest resonance possible?

Higher resonance = More elevated consciousness = More awesomeness

One of the easiest ways to access our portal to the Divine is through music.  The frequency of resonance carried by music is far more intense in its effect than you might think!  Our whole being is involved when we listen to a song.  Our mind is engaged in the lyrics, our emotions are entangled in the feeling, our body is caught up in the rhythm of the beat.  We are completely and intimately connected to the notes, chords, instruments and harmony — all of which have a specific resonance. 


This path of resonance transcends all cultures, all beliefs, all politics, all levels of abundance or lack.  It even transcends language because we can feel the emotion of the song even when we don't understand the words.  We listen to the sounds and we are instantly carried away to another realm of existence. 


Which realm will you choose to inhabit? 
Which resonance will you choose to align with?


May these channeled words, sounds and harmony bring you into alignment with the highest expression of your unique brilliance ❤︎
You can find some of these songs available for free download or small purchase HERE.
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