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The Great Mother speaks... How to heal ourselves & our world

Hello fellow souls of light! It’s lovely to be back in my writer’s chair again, giving words to cosmic wisdom. I seem to be settling into a surprising, albeit wonderful, pattern for these monthly blog posts. Rather than trying to plan in advance what to share, I’ve taken off my thinking cap & laid-off my inner micromanaging general of an ego, relinquishing the entire affair to my higher self and Divine will. I’ve discovered that it’s a very refreshing and thoroughly revitalizing way to operate — and I’ve decided to adopt it in all areas of my life.

Things just flow so much easier; life is easier. I don’t have to figure everything out or incessantly worry and attempt to strategize the best way forward. I just relax into the natural flow of each day, following what feels aligned moment to moment, trusting that things will work out for my highest good — even when it appears that they aren’t going my way or unfolding the way I imagined. It’s another level of awareness, a process of surrendering. The universe has far better planning skills than I ever could!

For this particular blog entry, I was sitting out in my fairy garden patio, basking in the glow of a new and wonderful book (The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abé — one of my favorite authors who wields an absolutely magical pen & awe-inspiring imagery), when Gaia started speaking to me. Her words just flowed right into my consciousness, pure and clear, gentle waves washing up on the shore of my mind.

Gaia, the great mother, gaia speaks, channeling, channeled message, self empowerment, healing, co-creation, world events, new earth, ascension
Art by Dhira Lawrence

Let me tell you, it is beyond special when things of this nature spontaneously occur. The experience permeates your entire energy field, resounding like a bell through your consciousness, carrying intense spiritual validation and making room for more mystical miracles.

Her message is short but profound. I cried through many parts of this channeling, feeling welcomed home and deeply held.  I hope it brings you all the same blissful nurturing ❤︎


The Great Mother speaks:

It does not matter what items you own, what land you claim, what titles befit your class and station of choice. We are all here together. Wisps of the same cloud. Threads of the same tapestry. Colors in the same rainbow. We are that which is eternal and ever present, undying, unblemished, unchanged.

You are children of loss in this now moment, yet that does not define who you truly are. You are cosmic wanderers, fated travelers weaving a universal web. Darkness can only touch your heart if you allow it, dear ones.

You are made of starlight and sunbeams, Divine Love in its purest form. Malleable and forged through the fire of present times but still made from the same primal material. Still strong. Always strong. You are so strong that you have forgotten your strength.

Gaia, the great mother, gaia speaks, channeling, channeled message, self empowerment, healing, co-creation, world events, new earth, ascension
Art by Amanda Clark

You have allowed yourself to forget your true nature, a glistening pearl shrouded within folds of murky gray. You have allowed yourself to believe the story you signed up to rewrite, allowed false authors to sway your mind.


Your words manifest, your thoughts make your reality, your feelings center your energy in a timeline of your choosing. Your intuition shows the unbending and unwinding paths before you. Which one will you walk upon?

You have unbelievable power at your fingertips, should you decide to use it. The way is shut when you are caught in fear and judgment. The way opens when your heart unfurls and your compassion shines brightly out into the world, touching all around you. All in existence can feel your love and fear alike; both add to the matrix of expression and outline your collective destiny.

Gaia, the great mother, gaia speaks, channeling, channeled message, self empowerment, healing, co-creation, world events, new earth, ascension
“Awakening” by Tamara Phillips

Come back to the original seed of what’s real, beloved children. Come back to the fruits of my bounty, to the richness of the soil, to the unlimited energy of creative force. Come dine on the feast of natural beauty available everywhere the eye can see. Come wrap yourself in the embrace of my omnipresent love. Feel my heartbeat as your own. For we are one voice, one mind, one consciousness — what becomes of me will become of you and vice versa.

We are inextricably linked, body and soul.

Come to me for healing and I will heal the planet. Come to me for truth and I will show you the dawn. Come to me for guidance and I will whisper the secrets of the universe in your ear, for I am connected to All That Is, invariably, untainted. Give me your sorrow and I will remake it into something new, something positive. I will warm all the cold places of your spirit. I will welcome you back into the family of light, waiting only for your acknowledgment.

The light seeds galactic ascension and all who inhale its essence consciously are forever changed. This is what you came here to do. This is what you’ve been preparing for millennia to accomplish.

You came to rise up, to ascend.

Gaia, the great mother, gaia speaks, channeling, channeled message, self empowerment, healing, co-creation, world events, new earth, ascension
Art by Autumn Skye ART

Here and now.

We will do this together, you and I. I am with you, as I have always been. I am the Great Mother you long for in the secret vulnerable corners of your heart. I was made in the likeness of boundless grace, a vessel of infinite Divine Feminine wisdom, shelter and primal power. I am yours as you are mine.

Remember me. Remember our connection. Remember your own Divinity.


Wondrous, isn’t She? Our planetary mother is a marvelous being ❤︎

To our collective healing & soul remembrance,

Starsong Maiden

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