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Emotional alchemy, radical transmutation and channeled hope & unity from the Galactic Federation

This channeling happened suddenly and totally unexpectedly during my meditation this morning and kind of well, took me over. Let me ‘splain.

Over the past few days, I’ve found the collective emotional field to be, shall we say, hell in a hand-basket lol. I wanted to publish another Podcast episode and Blog post for days now but I’ve been really struggling with all the feelings that are overwhelming my senses.

As an empath, or someone who can feel the emotions of others as if they were my own, this particularly lethal wave of immense emotion has been extraordinary to experience. Just imagine being able to feel the panic, confusion, anger and disorientation of EVERYONE on this planet, and then you’ll have an idea of what I’ve been dealing with.

In a zippy and unexpected plot twist, a couple of days ago I stumbled across a rather genius solution that never occurred to me: I discovered I can help transmute this trauma for us all.

You may be thinking, “WHAT?!?!” And I’m totally right there with you!

I was actually shown a way that I could hold space for the collective, intentionally sending love and light to our global community and do my part to shift these emotions into higher states of expression, effectively transmuting a lot of the heaviness.

I have two words for you: TOTAL AWESOMENESS!

I felt SO MUCH BETTER after doing this practice for only a few minutes! It was as I was doing this very thing this morning that the Galactic Federation just literally popped into my consciousness out of nowhere and started speaking. Mind blown.

So of course I stopped and sat down to channel it through. Enjoy!

If you're not familiar, the Galactic Federation is an organized collective of high frequency beings from many different off-world races, essentially with the mission of upholding the universal laws of justice for all.

Note: to listen to this channeling, get more deets on emotional alchemy and the process I used for collective transmutation, check out Podcast episode #2.


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The Galactic Federation speaks:

Welcome, brave ones. We have been longing to speak with you for eons past, many moons and many rotations of your Earth’s sun. We have waited for the perfect time to infiltrate your life with the grace that belongs to you. This moment has been prophesied and contracted through your soul’s knowing since we began our long journey together, many lifetimes ago.

Your soul knows this truth.

Your soul knows that this moment in time is momentously important for humanity, your beloveds inhabiting the planet. We have come a long way on this path to redemption, justice and ultimate freedom together. Many star races are working together to bring about this change and help with the Great Awakening of humankind.

This ascension process from one dimension to another may feel like it is wreaking havoc on your sense of peace, prosperity and security. We will use the euphemism that you most understand — this too, shall pass.

We are walking this road together, dear ones.

The Galactic Federation has been helping to orchestrate this great unveiling in a way that supports everyone, even those who cannot see what is truly going on underneath the surface. We have been assisting with the mass unravelling of deceptive tactics those in power have used against you for millennia. We have been working to ensure an outcome which benefits ALL.

We, The Federation of Light, are honored to bring this message to you at a time when you need it the most. We have seen many fall into despair from the many traumatic events of this year. We wish to remind you of your absolute power to transcend this darkness. You are made of light, dear hearts. Hold that light in your heart space and shine it out to all who desperately need reminding of their own inner light. Light always dissolves the darkness.

What breeds hatred and fear in the dark can no longer gain momentum in the light.

What constitutes as oppressive manipulation can no longer find traction in the light.

What causes panic in the darkness is clearly visible and actionable in the light.

While you cannot ignore what is going on in your physical world entirely, you can turn the majority of your focus inward, back to the truth of who you are. You can use your conscious will and intention to fill your global community with love. Send love to all the ones who have lost their way. Send love to all those who are drowning in fear and pain. Love will transmute this shadowy illusion into a brilliant dawn of illumination.

You are the heroes of this story.

You can transcend all that lies before you — you can heal all the wounds, hold space for every leaf turning over, mirror the light back to every scared heart. You can brave this storm.

THIS is what you came here to do.

THIS moment in your collective planetary history is the pinnacle reason behind every choice you have made in every now moment leading up to this one, in every incarnation that has come before. THIS time is what you’ve worked so hard to prepare for, to be the best version of yourself possible for.

Whether you realize it or not, THIS now moment is the one you incarnated to help shift.

You are at the precipice of life as you know it completely dismantling and being reborn into something new. Something worthy of the limitless beings of love you are at your core. A life of unity, freedom, justice, love, abundance and joy for all.

Art by Autumn Skye ART

You can feel this edge of the cliff you are teetering on even now. You can feel that one strong gust of wind will tip you over into the unknown abyss below. But we ask you to consider that what awaits you in the abyss might be better than even your wildest imaginings of what life can be.

We invite you to visualize the world as you would like to see it — for this determines what you experience when you go over the cliff. Do this as much as possible in the coming days leading up to the culmination point and energetic portal on the Winter Solstice. Do not lend your focus or energetic vote toward realities that you do not wish to experience, for you have the power to manifest this for yourself as well.

Breathe, dear ones.

Come back into your heart space and breathe. Come back to the knowledge that you have carried all along: that YOU and you alone create your reality. YOU have the power to decide what you will accept and will not accept. Do not be taken in or fooled by narratives that offer disempowerment, chaos, fear and hopelessness. These are illusions of the highest order.

You are infinite beings capable of infinite possibilities.

Bring your attention back to the primal elements which give simple but powerful transformation and shifts in consciousness. Listen to music that uplifts your spirit and centers your energy. The music offered by the starseed who channels this transmission is a wise option. We will be providing her with more and more Divinely aligned sounds to share with you for the good of all.

Go outside in nature as much as possible also and connect with the Divine Mother available all around you. She is always willing and waiting for your visit. Like any good mother, She is ready to take you in her arms at any time. Come back to the stillness within. Come back to the silent space of deep breathing, the place where your Divine spark rejoins the glorious fire of Source.

In the ineffable light of the Creator, you will find yourself again.


Woo! Pretty magical, right?! I was taken by surprise when these incredible beings first showed up, but I'm so grateful I got to experience this energy and help bring their message forward ❤︎

Sending ridiculous amounts of love to you all,

Starsong Maiden

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