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Behind  the  Mirror

Daughter of the earth
Daughter of the sky
Daughter of the light

A little about me... I was born with intense sensitivities of sensory perception, acutely aware and reactive to touch, taste, smell, vision and sound.  I also had intuitive and empathic abilities early on, experiencing a comprehensive sensitivity to energy — though at the time, I had no idea what was happening.  I would walk into a room where someone else was hurting (physically or emotionally) and I would feel that pain in my own heart and body.  I spent a lot of time feeling deeply sad but not understanding why.

Many of my sensitivities can be pretty overwhelming and have become somewhat limiting factors in my daily life — e.g. large crowds, too much chaotic noise & emotionally volatile situations are never going to be on my list of favorite things lol. But there are some hidden silver linings that serve me well. I discovered that my acute sensory awareness functions as an advanced intuitive antenna/warning system. And the crowning jewel: my level of sensitivity to sound magnified my inherent love of music, expanding this pathway of mystical connection. The ability to deeply feel the energetic frequency of different sounds and harmonies has been a huge blessing in disguise. 


From a very young age, I felt a calling toward music; often humming melodies and harmonies before I could even talk, according to my mother.  Singing became a kind of meditation; a gateway for me to connect with my highest self, immediately and effortlessly.  Writing poetry and lyrics became a creative outlet, releasing all the intuitive knowledge I felt but couldn't always share with those around me.  Both of these modalities allowed an instant connection to something greater than myself, where the chaos of the world just melted away.  Through the process of allowing this connection to flourish, I realized I could align with this intuitive guidance at will through the pathway of intentional channeling and apply it in other areas of my life. 

Many years later, I discovered that I could actually hear other peoples' songs — let me explain.  In a serendipitous and completely unexpected experiment, while tapping into a friend's energetic field intuitively, I was shocked to find that I could hear his energy field, like I could hear any other musical composition.  I could hear in this particular person's song that there were elements of disharmonious sound, which represented dissonant energy that needed to be released in order for balance to return. This astounding experience opened the door to hearing the song attached to all kinds of things.  In case you're wondering, the song of Mother Earth is absolutely breathtaking


I've been on a journey of radical cosmic revelation ever since.  

Sharing the esoteric wisdom I’ve been so honored to learn and access is an integral part of my purpose in this lifetime.  The more transcendent knowledge that is shared, the higher the vibration of our collective reality.  Like a multi-faceted diamond, we are a reflection of the Divine light pouring through us, a twinkling of the awesome sparkling consciousness that connects us all.  I hope that you find in my expression of Spirit a mirror of your own, a calling to awaken your own Starsong resonance.

The divine in me honors the divine in you,

Starsong Maiden

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