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Timely wisdom from the Standing Ones — our spiritual brethren, the Trees

As I was sitting out on my back patio the other afternoon, an unexpected message came through.  I was absently caressing the branches of the tall feather reed grass next to me, reveling in its tranquil energy with my eyes closed while listening to a video about the healing qualities of Sound and Music, when all of a sudden, a chorus of voices from what felt like all around me began to speak.  When I stopped the video I was listening to and tapped into the energy more fully, it became clear that I was hearing the collective of the Standing Ones, a vital part of our spiritual family, the Trees — all of them, everywhere.  

Their wisdom was so simple yet stunningly profound for me that I felt called to share it with all of you lovelies ❤︎  


We are here with you, young ones. We have been with you from time immemorial in this galaxy and many others. We have planted ourselves in various climates, alongside different races and species, seeding worlds with the presence of universal truth and ancient wisdom. We breathe in your toxins and remake them into knowledge — clean air to begin new truths and build new resonance. We are the makers of external will within the divine kingdom of supportive life. We offer sustenance, growth, beauty, kindness and compassionate companionship throughout many lives and across many generations. We come from peaceful stock and bring peace with us wherever we go.

Our eyes have seen many things, beheld many views.

tree wisdom, channeled message, self empowerment, world events, new earth, ascension, great awakening

Many of you have forgotten our sage wisdom and what we may offer you. Some of you still hold the codex to unlock this extrasensory knowledge. Others of you came in with the awareness of our connection to you and honor us still. In truth, we are your brethren in more ways than you can count.

We remember you in your earliest form; we can help you awaken this form again.

Our consciousness holds vast underpinnings that can awaken yours — we hold the light which can activate your lightbody. We hold the love which can help your love reemerge. We carry the sacred heart of the Great Mother and we offer Her lifeblood to you. Our hands are invisible and unlimited as such, yet you can feel our touch on the deepest level if you but open your heart’s cavern and accept it.

tree wisdom, channeled message, self empowerment, world events, new earth, ascension, great awakening

We are here to assist with your greatest unfolding yet, the Great Awakening of humankind. This is a time of immense color in your history. Those who have come before you have seen some of what this time would hold but could not encompass it completely with their limited perspectives. The impressions of this present time were not yet fully realized or imagined. You could have taken many roads to arrive at this destination, each filled with their own pitfalls and grace. What the ultimate result of this journey will be depends on the choices you are making now.

Be brave, dear souls.

Remember who you are and all you are capable of. Come back to nature. Come back to your true selves — powerful co-creators capable of ANYTHING you can dream of. Anything you can fully imagine in your mind and feel in your heart can be manifested now. The energy matrix of our current timeline and frequency modulation is supportive toward achieving brilliance and utopia. We have arrived at the crossroads between worlds — will you go courageously into the dawn or continue lost in the darkness?

tree wisdom, channeled message, self empowerment, world events, new earth, ascension, great awakening

Our destiny is not yet fully written; nothing is set in stone. We have the power to choose how this story goes. Will it be one of glory and achievement, communion and repast, healing and rebirth? Or will it be a tale of woe and despair, separation and toil, wounding and death? Each soul can choose their own adventure at will. What would you like to experience? It can be either or both. Or nothing. Do not tarry under the guise that you do not have control over your reality. This is a misconception that has been prolific in the unwinding of humanity’s collective empowerment.

Receive the TRUTH — you are an independent spark of the one Divine Consciousness, created in the likeness of INFINITE possibility and power.

Think you that you do not hold the same abilities as your Creator? That you are not made up of this same level of awareness and limitless potential? All the keys have been given to you. All the locks are merely representations of initiations on the road to full embodiment and enlightenment.

tree wisdom, channeled message, self empowerment, world events, new earth, ascension, great awakening

None can keep you from these initiations if you follow the path the Creator has set forth for you:

Be loving toward yourself and others. They are you in another form.

Heal your inner wounds as you would your outer ones; tend to them with nurturing presence and loving attention.

Forgive yourself and everyone else for all actions and non-actions.

Let go of preconceptions and judgements.

Harm none intentionally, including yourself.

Follow your intuition and do what feels resonant for you in each moment with an open heart and mind.

Set your compass toward conscious elevation and elevation shall find its way to you.

Align yourself with joy and joy shall fill your cup.

These are the tenets of wise council and evolvement, the path of spirit. May these bright words find their way into the burrow of your innermost self and become rooted in your being, bringing light into the darkest places.

Come and find peace in our branches. Listen to the song of our leaves in harmony with Brother and Sister Wind. Connect with the sun feeding our green veins and allow its warmth to sustain your body and soul. Gather comfort here in the shelter of our shaded canopy. Allow your fears and troubles to sink into the living soil and receive back Her kindness, renewing your energy.

Our voices can be heard if you so attune yourself to our vibration. We will tell you of your origins and whisper secrets of Divine truth. We will tell you that you are whole and safe and worthy, and that home can always be found here in the bounty of Mother Earth.

tree wisdom, channeled message, self empowerment, world events, new earth, ascension, great awakening


I hope the pure and powerful frequency of our sacred tree siblings touches you deeply and awakens in you a serenity & inner knowing that rejuvenates your faith in all the good things ❤︎

With love,

Starsong Maiden

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