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Awaken your inner Alchemist...

Ever wonder why most of us can’t seem to stick with our new year’s resolutions? It always seems like everyone has the best of intentions... and yet, year after year, we keep making the same broken promises to ourselves.

What’s up with that?

There has to be some kind of logical reason why our unfulfilled goals keep reoccurring. Think about it... if it was as easy as all the motivational speakers and “gurus” would have us believe, we’d see a lot more happy people. Every person who wants to lose weight would simply follow their chosen diet and exercise with ease. Every person who wants to organize their life would just adhere to the time schedule and organizational tools they’ve chosen for themselves. But that’s not what we see reflected back to us in the collective (most of the time).

Instead, by the end of the year, we see a whole lot of very unsatisfied and depressed people, who started off the year with good intentions and a great attitude.

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What the heck happened in the interim?

I think the answer lies in what’s unseen — what’s going on internally for each person. Your outer reality will always reflect your inner reality. There’s something under the hood that’s causing the engine to fail. Rather than blaming ourselves, wallowing in a well of despair and shame over not being able to keep our commitments, let’s examine the underbelly of this thing, shall we?

Looking at this from a spiritual perspective, we are not our thoughts, emotions or our body — we are the being within observing them. But we get caught up in the illusion that these elements comprise our entire identity. Our true nature is limitless and infinite; our consciousness is a direct link to the Divine. We can use this connection to up-level our awareness and personal transformation.

Enter starsong alchemy. A way to transmute your inner demons into singing angels — or in practical speak, it’s a journaling exercise that will transmute the gray lead of unresolved patterns into golden threads of change.

Before your ego interjects its vehement objections to the whole concept of journaling, let me share with you why this is different and why it works — and trust me, this style of journaling is smarter than the average bear ;-)

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The process of writing things down does something for us that brainstorming, brooding or even talking with a friend can’t do: it allows you to bring all the layers of your being — spiritual, mental, emotional and physical — into clear focus in a way that allows you to actually organize, integrate and use the info.

It also pulls the first 3 intangible and often secretive realms (spiritual, mental and emotional) through into the physical realm, where they can finally be seen and addressed fully.

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I’ve used a condensed version of this journaling method for many years, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered there was a deeper layer that I’d been missing.

Two words for you: LIFE. ALTERING!

Seriously, that’s not an exaggeration. Using this form of alchemy will uplift and up-level your game for this next year and beyond, giving you the insight you need to be able to crack the code on interrupting the patterns that are holding you back.

Bonus: it’s really pretty simple.

There are only 2 prerequisites required to do this practice successfully:

  1. Keep an open mind — this seems like a no-brainer but it’s really not that easy to do when things like fear and shame enter the equation, unless you consciously set your intention to override all that from the beginning.

  2. Put on your observer’s hat — pretend that you’re a curious scientist, observing what’s going on in your life through the microscope without judgement. Apply the same level of detachment as you would if you were observing a friend in this situation.

That’s it! If you follow these 2 guidelines and answer the journaling questions honestly, you’ll find a wealth of wisdom in this exercise. You’ll be able to review the past year with gratitude, armed with a new perspective and steps for how to move forward with your particular circumstances in a meaningful way ❤︎

Here you’ll find a downloadable and printable pdf with 4 journaling prompts — instructions and insider tips included! All you need to do is fill out the answers.

Voila! 💫

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A Merry New Year to you & happy Alchemizing!

Starsong Maiden


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