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Intuitive Readings

At the insistent nudging of my angels and guides, I am now offering Intuitive Readings by donation.  I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule — that which you give, you receive back tenfold.  Please donate what you can afford and what feels right for you.


Intuitive readings can be extremely useful as a way to connect with your inner Divine Self, validate your instincts or intuitive nudges and reveal hidden truths.  Our mental perceptions, emotional attachments and physical reality can sometimes distort our view of life — but energy never lies! 

For each reading, I am guided by my higher self and my team of spiritual guardians to draw from multiple decks, creating a synergistically diverse layered reading.  I use both a tarot deck and several secondary oracle decks in an original layout, customized for you specifically, based on what I feel intuitively when I connect with your energy and which type of reading you have requested.  Sometimes this will manifest as a mandala design which can be amplified with crystals for certain intentions, such as healing or protection, with powerful results ✨  


Everything is intuitively selected, even down to the placement of where each card goes. I will also be shown what angel(s) or ascended master(s) and crystal(s) you can work with at this time to amplify your desires or goals.  All readings will be completed and sent to you via email within 72 hours.  You will receive a written explanation of each card and its intuitive meaning, along with a beautiful photo of the cards and layout design that were called in for you, which provides a great way to reconnect with the energy and guidance of the reading later on. Each Intuitive Reading will give you a well-rounded and detailed picture of what you need to know from a Divine perspective ✦

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Online Courses

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Starseed wisdom distilled into magical online courses coming soon!

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