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Will the real Reality please stand up? Tips for navigating this stormy sea...

I’m back, dear hearts! I apologize for the delay in Blog posts; I’ve gone through an extreme progression of healing during this time of profound upheaval and I’ve had to take a beat to recalibrate... well, everything (more on that trial by fire later).

Can you relate?

The COVID situation has uprooted a huge amount of deeply entrenched patterns, core beliefs and long-standing subconscious terrain for us all. It’s been a bit dicey to navigate, to say the least! The current energy is putting everything under an intense microscope, magnifying our ability to see what needs to be seen and change what needs to be changed.

It should be vividly clear at this point: there’s no hiding from anything anymore.

Whatever you’ve been avoiding, whatever you’ve been sweeping under the rug, it’s going to smack you upside the head in real-time now and get your attention one way or another 🙈

As with any evolution, whatever comes to the surface is being revealed so that we can decide if it really aligns with our highest good or if it’s something that needs to be released. The kicker is that our entire universe and all the planets in it (along with their individual astrological energies at any given moment) are progressing up the metaphorical tunnel of ascension with us, creating an amplified portal through which we must pass — or get off this cosmic ride.

energy portal, higher consciousness, inner wisdom, choose love, unity, world events, be the change, love over hate, new earth, 5th dimension

The time for blindly following and participating in unscrupulous imbalanced systems, both on a personal and collective scale, has passed.

We’re all being confronted with the many glitches in our community software program and witnessing the insidious virus malware that is running amuck in our global computer:


How did we become so enslaved by our need for money — why are we required to trade the bulk of our lives away just to make enough money to survive?

Why is it that we have more than enough land and natural resources on this planet for everyone to share in abundance, yet we have to pay for every basic need that should be freely available?

When many of us lost the proficiency of living off the land, we lost the ability to be self-sufficient — how will this affect us if we experience a food and necessity supply shortage?

Why are we not allowed to live a life of natural rhythm and joy, spending our time as we see fit — focused on family and what truly matters — as we are now only able to do because our health is threatened?  How did we lose our sovereignty so completely?

Why are our governing bodies seemingly hellbent on suppressing, controlling and mercilessly exploiting, rather than supporting their people?

Why is our justice system widely lenient toward caucasians (especially those in positions of power) and biased against people of color?

Why are our major sources of media largely pushing inconsistent, biased and false narratives? Why are most of our political leaders and prominent health organizations presenting inconsistent and false narratives?

Why are all forms of social media, which are supposed to be platforms for freedom of speech, suffocatingly filtered?

Why is there an epidemic of sexual abuse and pedophilia entrenched in every area of our worldwide society?

Why are vast networks of corporations allowed to pollute our environment and corrupt our food supply at the expense of multiple species’ survival and longevity, including our own?

Why can’t we coexist peacefully together in unity, equanimity, compassion and mutual respect?

We are being shown exactly what isn’t working. We’re being asked to reinvent ourselves and how we live, in order to break the descending spiral of destruction and oppression we’ve been stuck in for millennia. Like clogged arteries crippling a beating heart, we will not be able to continue with “business as usual” until we resolve these concerns.

Practicing emotional intelligence through our communal reconstructive surgery is VITAL. As evidenced by the maelstrom of disorder in our world right now, adding unchecked emotional reactions to an already turbulent sea of painful elements coming up for healing = a veritable explosive volcano of epic proportions.

energy portal, higher consciousness, inner wisdom, choose love, unity, world events, be the change, love over hate, new earth, 5th dimension

If you’re being triggered right now, from any part of what we’re seeing play out in the collective, ask yourself WHY. Is it empathy for those who are suffering, or something more? All emotions are valuable and should be honored. How we choose to express those emotions is another story. If you find yourself reacting aggressively toward others or responding to their choices with an incessant need to push them to accept your point of view, there is some inner work for you to do, my friend. Take some time to objectively analyze your feelings and actions — discover what is at the heart of how you feel.

"Emotions may be heated, but we have to learn to listen to ourselves. We have to learn to listen to our anger and frustration for there is wisdom to gain. If we allow ourselves to sit in our emotions, we are likely to have a breakthrough. If we allow ourselves to feel our anger or feel the intensity of our emotions, we are likely to find the Truth of what is bubbling underneath the surface.
All the voices you carry within you deserve to be heard. Sometimes we work so hard to silence the voice of shame or guilt or anger, but there is also a power in learning to stop and listen to what it’s saying. If we constantly dismiss the harder or more abrasive thoughts and feelings when they arise, we never really get to understand them.
It’s not that we want to sit in our anger forever or allow our inner voice to become drowned by negative talk, but we also don’t want to ignore these voices and push them away. We want to listen to them and discover what they really mean. We want to hug each and every one of them, and see the value in what they have to share and offer."

Process your emotions in a healthy way so that you can take intentional action rather than wasting precious energy in reactionary mode.

Deep-rooted issues like oppressive laws, monetary slavery, racism, etc. and the systems in place that allow them to exist will not be altered by a mess of argumentative and emotionally explosive people who can’t even have a conversation (in person or online) without devolving into rage and disrespect 🤦🏻‍♀️

While we are busy quarreling amongst ourselves, those in control are busy getting away with whatever they choose and doing things the way they’ve always been done. They use these triggering events to galvanize us into fighting with one another, demolishing our inherent power as a collective.

energy portal, higher consciousness, inner wisdom, choose love, unity, world events, be the change, love over hate, new earth, 5th dimension

Change starts first from WITHIN.

If you want to see peace in the world, cultivate peace in your own heart.

If you want to see unity in the world, cultivate unity in your own mind, heart and actions.

If we stand together in unified peace and sovereignty, all conveying the same message together — WE DO NOT CONSENT — that’s when our power reaches its full zenith and change will occur.

As you may be aware, there are a lot of us intuitives who can sense that this sh** is going to get uglier before it gets pretty, so now is the time to pull out your higher consciousness toolbox and work through the kinks that come up for you before we get hammered with the big guns. Birthing a better world is going to take patience, centered energy, balanced objectivity, raw integrity and loving action.

What a time to be alive! Even though this stage of turmoil can be daunting, it's quite impressive that our souls all decided to be here for this Grand Awakening. We are all far more badass than we believe 🌟

And the pièce de résistance of this nexus point in history?

Unity Consciousness = NEUTRALITY

energy portal, higher consciousness, inner wisdom, choose love, unity, world events, be the change, love over hate, new earth, 5th dimension

Even if your intention is to help correct an injustice or stand up for what you believe in, methods that include hate, judgement, disgust, motivation from fear, pushing to convince and withholding forgiveness are part of an old paradigm of separation and only create more chaos 🌪

To create a new world of trust, love and unity, we must first become aware but NEUTRAL to everything we see. Observe without casting blame. Have compassion even for those we do not understand or resonate with. Every person is a spark of Divine consciousness expressing that consciousness in whatever way their soul came to do — even the shadow players.

Another important question to ask: which of the pictures we’re seeing is correct?

Are we smack dab in the middle of mass panic induced by a deadly pandemic that’s spreading far too rapidly for anyone’s peace of mind, with strict quarantine and social distancing protocols or a vaccine being the only solutions? Are we being bamboozled with fear mongering by the powers that be into giving up our power and independence? Is the world descending into madness — health crises, racism, rioting, political insanity and extreme polarization? Or are we ascending from 3rd and 4th dimensional existence to a New Earth in 5D, on the verge of ushering in the Golden Age of Aquarius?

Will the REAL reality please stand up?

All of the above are potentially true — depending on your vantage point in the game. From an energetic and spiritual perspective, there are multiple timelines simultaneously existing. Which one you experience the most is determined by what frequency or vibration you are currently entertaining the most — in other words, what you put out is literally what you will notice most and what you’ll receive more of.

energy portal, higher consciousness, inner wisdom, choose love, unity, world events, be the change, love over hate, new earth, 5th dimension

The higher up the ladder you go in the dimensional realms, the more you’ll start to see just how varied the options are on what we can choose to experience — and it IS a choice. We can always choose a different response, which in turn determines what we ultimately experience. We can honor, integrate and release our emotions, allowing us to look at the situation from an objective perspective — shifting our awareness.

When we are emotionally attached to something, its true nature will always be partially or totally obscured from our view (think: personal filters caused by past experiences). This is especially the case with outcomes — when we are attached to a certain outcome, either from fear of it happening or desperately wanting it to happen, we become fixated on everything connected to it, usually to the exclusion of all else.

By focusing all our energy on one particular thread, we begin to align our energy with the energy of that thread and the closer we get to becoming a vibrational match to it, the more we manifest that outcome. We essentially get tunnel vision and sometimes forget that there are other options available — a whole tapestry full of colorful threads!

I’m sure you can see how this presents a bit of a problem 🤦🏻‍♀️

For an outcome that we want, this tendency is ok — for an outcome we dread, not so much.

Either way, we are limiting our potential.

The best way to find neutral ground and make sense of what’s going on underneath this tangled mess of yarn we find ourselves in is to consult our Divine self. Luckily, we have a built-in direct connection to this higher version of ourselves via our heart center.

In order to perceive the actual truth and discover what the right path forward for you is, you have to first relinquish the empirical and often limiting stranglehold dominion of your analytical mind. 

Feel me? Try this Heart Center exercise:

energy portal, higher consciousness, inner wisdom, choose love, unity, world events, be the change, love over hate, new earth, 5th dimension
Awakening by Tamara Phillips
Stop for a moment to close your eyes and take some deep breaths, counting to 4 on the inhale, holding for the count of 7 and then exhaling for the count of 8. Repeat this cleansing breath 4 times (or more, depending on how balanced you feel). Picture your energetic roots burrowing deep into Mother Earth; ask her to connect with you and anchor your energy there. See her golden energy shooting upward in a column of light up through your feet, through your body, out the top of your head and straight upward to the center of the cosmos.
In this vast space of primordial energy, ask Divine Source to connect with you. See the diamond white light from Source shining downward in another column of light, sweeping through the universe and into the top of your head, through your body, down past your feet and into the Earth. Feel how this powerful column of dual light shifts your energy, activating your chakras and amplifying your awareness.

You are now perfectly linked with Heaven (a.k.a. Source consciousness) and Earth (the Great Mother consciousness of our physical realm) — creating a living, open highway of consciousness between the two through your energetic meridian that will allow you to access infinite wisdom and see beyond the veil of our tangible matrix.

Sidebar: To hear an expanded version of the above meditation, download the free Heart of Humanity Guided Meditation ❤︎

Now tap into your heart space — place your hand on the middle of your chest, a couple inches above your nipple line. Bring your awareness to the center of this area, into your heart chakra. If you want to know the truth about something or someone in particular, focus on that subject and notice the way your heart space feels.

Does it feel warm or cold?  Expanded or constricted?  Uplifting or depressing?

What does your intuition tell you?  What does your body's intuition tell you?

The answer will be immediately apparent by how you FEEL. We can sometimes be fooled by tricky words and confusing experiences but energy never lies.

This interior compass is always available to point the way toward True North — toward your truth and highest good (Note: Your truth may be different than the truth of others). Anytime you’re feeling frightened or conflicted, just use your inner divining rod to find the hidden gems of truth waiting underneath the surface.

energy portal, higher consciousness, inner wisdom, choose love, unity, world events, be the change, love over hate, new earth, 5th dimension

You can also use your heart space to shift your energetic boat into more positive waters:

Repeat the above process for centering in your heart space and then focus on all the wonderful things you are grateful for — loving family, supportive friends, good health, abundance, a safe home, enough food, creativity, spiritual wisdom, etc. Fill your heart with all the gladness and deep love you can muster and watch how your entire energy field expands, lightens and rejuvenates itself, which will of course ultimately manifest more things in your life to be grateful about.
See the spark of Divine light in the center of your heart chakra get brighter and brighter as it’s filled with more loving energy... imagine it getting bigger and bigger, feel it expanding until it encompasses your body, your home, your city, your state, your country, your continent... outward and outward until it becomes a luminescent star shining like a beacon of white fire, lighting up the multiverse.  Intend that your light is blessing everything and everyone it encounters with light. 

This is not just the way to change your inner landscape, this is how we change the world — by shifting our frequency to one of LOVE, contributing our light to the collective, which uplifts the vibration of everything in existence ❤︎


Sidebar: Check out this article with a free downloadable guide for cleansing your energy as another complimentary tool for stormy seas :-)

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May the forces of starlight & blazing truth be with you,

Starsong Maiden

P.S. At the insistent nudging of my angels and guides, I’m now offering Intuitive Readings on a donation basis.  If you need some insightful support & it feels aligned, please check out more info here.

In other news, I’ll be doing one Blog post per month (rather than each week) moving forward, unless I feel called to channel Divine guidance more frequently. This is in an effort to give myself some breathing room for other projects, such as finishing my album of channeled high vibe music. I'm a one woman show and single mama of 2 kiddos, so please bear with me — I appreciate your patience & support!


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