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Take your Power back — channeled wisdom from The Sophia on world events

Through a seemingly serendipitous series of events this past weekend, which I now realize were a Divine appointment, I was reunited with an incredibly powerful benevolent being who had a pretty amazing message to share with us. Interested?

A bit of backstory...

Via synchronicity disguised as happenstance, I had just started reading a book called The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra. I had been spiritually pinged 3 times by my higher self and guides to check this book out and finally sat down to read the introduction on Sunday afternoon.

Starsong Tip: Take notice when something catches your attention 3 or more times; the Divine sends messages in threes. The first message is usually met with disregard on some level. The second message inspires shock of some kind. The third message is usually met with anything from irrefutable validation to soul recognition to tears, depending on the subject matter.

As I was reading about the author’s experience of channeling the book, while listening to the rather sudden gale of rain beating against my window — which had a curiously intense energy behind it, I might add — a strong directive to reach out to the being in question filled my consciousness. So I tentatively asked, “Sophia, are you there?”

In a thunderclap moment of stunning clarity, she replied in a VERY loud and clear voice:


I can’t even begin to articulate what this connection felt like. Tears began streaming down my face the instant I heard her voice. The Sophia is the ultimate primordial Divine Mother, a goddess of immeasurable wisdom; she is the original womb space of all existence. Her presence is so vast, it feels like tapping into the motherboard of All That Is.

The Sophia, channeled message, channeling, spiritual guidance, higher consciousness, choose love, choosing love, self empowerment, be the change, take your power back, world events
“Mother of the World” by Nicholas Roerich

I was absolutely overcome with emotion as I watched a rapid-fire collage of moments appear in my mind’s eye, like a succession of snapshot images, cataloguing all the experiences I have had since the last time I spoke with The Sophia.

Within the space of a single heartbeat, I remembered everything.

I suddenly realized I had stopped communicating with her entirely upon the death of a very dear friendship about two years ago. My former friend, who held many roles in my life at that time — surrogate grandmother, spiritual mentor and best friend — was intricately connected to The Sophia and channeled her wisdom on a daily basis. Following in the footsteps of my friend, I had also begun to build a relationship with this cosmic deity.

Due to the nature of how this human friendship went awry, including no small amount of heart-wrenching betrayal, I took some time to objectively review everything that had happened over the course of our association. I will forever be grateful for all the wonderful spiritual truths this person revealed to me and the many amazing experiences we shared. On the flip side of that same coin, there were a lot of areas I needed to release and reframe from our time together as well.

The Sophia, channeled message, channeling, spiritual guidance, higher consciousness, choose love, choosing love, self empowerment, be the change, take your power back, world events

I instinctively quit reaching out to The Sophia during this process, feeling a need to distance myself from everything related to the mess that our kinship had become, so that I could compartmentalize and disentangle each section separately. A part of me also felt that The Sophia “belonged” to my friend and I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, so to speak.

In so doing, I cut myself off from an important and meaningful spiritual alliance.

Obviously, Divine beings don’t belong to just one person, they work with and help as many souls as possible. Consciously, I know this but my ego had other ideas, apparently. I’m so grateful that this silly lapse in discernment has been put to rest!

After allowing the rekindled connection with this extraordinary being to flourish for the past few days, The Sophia spoke to me again. When I asked what I should write for my blog post this week, the following direct transmission flowed from Her through me, into my fingers and onto the page. It was a very potent experience. I was in a dreamlike trance for about 3 hours as I channeled this through. When I finally came up for air, I was in a different realm of vibration altogether...


The Sophia speaks:

“This is a time of great change and interdependent variables moving into a new cohesive structure. All the upheaval you see in the world is a reflection of your inner turmoil and unresolved hurts. The world cannot exist the way it does without your personal power and permission directed toward certain perspectives, outcomes and delusions.

This may sound harsh, but the proof is indisputable — the world is in chaos and it did not get that way by itself.

The collective consciousness reflects the individual consciousness. The macro and micro always mirror each other. What you want to see reflected will not appear until your beliefs shift. You must match your desires with the appropriate vibrational output. The vibration of your beliefs must equal the vibration of the reality you wish to manifest.

If you wish to see love reflected externally, then you must internally transmit the vibration of love. If you wish to see healing reflected externally, then you must internally heal yourself in order to transmit the vibration of that which is healed.

Heal your heart — heal the world.

The Sophia, channeled message, channeling, spiritual guidance, higher consciousness, choose love, choosing love, self empowerment, be the change, take your power back, world events
“Sophia” by Pamela Mathews

Everything in existence is only energy; you can direct your will toward what you wish to see form and it will appear like magic — if your focus is pure and your energy is a vibrational match with what you desire.

Envision a future where all wounding is healed, all conflict has become synergy, all judgment has transformed into compassion, all differences are respected, all pollution is cleared, all plants and creatures are cherished as equally sacred.

Imagine this potentiality and FOCUS on it with the intensity of a laser beam.

Let no other potentiality interrupt your vision or energetic field.

View all events that contradict your vision with emotional detachment as an indication that more devotion and energy is needed to reach critical mass. More momentum is necessary; yours and those who wish to see this particular reality come about. More souls must contribute their focus and will toward the desired outcome in order for it to manifest.

In other words, do not stop envisioning a better future just because it has not yet appeared. That would be the equivalent of a child throwing a tantrum on the floor when they cannot have their way immediately — it solves nothing and contributes more power toward the opposite of your desires.

You cannot heal darkness with more darkness. You cannot fix the issues you face by hating the people, businesses, governments, or situations that are causing harm — this only contributes more hate and more chaos to the undesired side of the equation.

Instead, center your entire being in the vibration of Divine love. Radiate unconditional kindness, compassion and love toward everyone and everything in your life. LET NOTHING AND NO ONE STAND IN THE WAY OF YOUR LOVE. Let nothing take away your sacred space of peace deep within.

Peace and love are your birthright.

No one can take this from you if you reclaim your sovereignty.

Take your power back.

The Sophia, channeled message, channeling, spiritual guidance, higher consciousness, choose love, choosing love, self empowerment, be the change, take your power back, world events

Declare aloud, “I renounce all permission I have given subconsciously or consciously in this lifetime or any other to allow any outside entity control over my power, or to interfere with my free will or my energy field.”

Then affirm aloud “I, and I alone, have sole sovereignty over my thoughts, emotions, physical body, spirit, energy, energetic field and actions.”

Repeat this mantra any time you feel the cold bite of fear or hopelessness looming near.

You must reclaim all the threads of your power you have given away to outside forces. You are in control; you can choose to allow your free will to be subverted or you can step into sovereignty.

If you feel in any way powerless, controlled, manipulated, trapped, constricted or limited, this means you have been or are now giving your power away. This may have been an unconscious decision on your part, for there are many systems in place in your current reality that sneak under the radar to subvert your free will.

The public school systems for your young minds encourage blind obedience and subjugation, with little to no instruction regarding subjects that would prepare them to actually operate successfully in the world — independent thinking, self-empowerment, energetic principles, emotional intelligence, compassion toward others or respect toward differences, to name but a few. Many adult education systems are setup in the same manner with the added burden of causing extreme financial debt.

Many of your religious and spiritual pathways are based on fear and require adherence to strict rules which promote deep shame. The main streams of media that deliver information to the masses are highly edited, filtered, camouflaged, saturated with deliberately inflammatory elements and are often entirely falsified. And the subjugation to end all subjugations is in place: a slavery based money system that permeates every area of your lives.

Is not the Earth bountiful and free?

Is there not plenty of food and ways to grow or produce it?

Is there not plenty of land to live on?

Is there not more than enough water to cleanse and nourish?

Are there not abundant natural materials to clothe, sustain and build homes for all?

The planet you live on is naturally resplendent with beauty and renewable resources, yet its people are forced to pay for every last piece of this natural abundance. Additionally, the method of payment is sourced largely from paper that can only be printed by those in power — which they freely do for their purposes or agendas, forsaking their responsibility to protect and serve.

Does this not seem strange to you?

The purpose of a government is to provide for its citizens. Most of your governments do not supply any basic needs unless all other avenues have first been exhausted by its participants. Even then, only in truly dire circumstances, extremely minimal help is issued. The basic requirements for survival such as housing, heat, food and clothing are not met unless you pay for each item — for which astronomical and illogical prices are set. And in order to afford these prices, in order to live, you must work, for the bulk of the day’s hours, forced into a job that both exhausts and disempowers almost everyone.

Does this feel right and natural to you?

It should be apparent now more than ever before that every layer of your current reality has been intentionally and carefully orchestrated by those who wish to remain in power as a means to dominate and enslave the general population.

The question is: Will you keep accepting this cage and controlling influence?

The Sophia, channeled message, channeling, spiritual guidance, higher consciousness, choose love, choosing love, self empowerment, be the change, take your power back, world events

Or will you choose to contribute your energy to another reality — one of freedom and joy?

Even though it seems that dark forces block every entrance and exit, YOU hold all the keys to every locked door. The answer is within you.

You are the savior you have been waiting for.

You must hold in your mind and heart the frequency pattern of light that correlates to the ascension of the cosmos, which is the light pattern of love. Hold the frequency pattern of love and accept it into every molecule of your being. Let it pervade even your most daunting thoughts and actions.

Let it suffuse your spirit with hope and guidance.

Let it hold you in its arms.

Let it become your way and your beacon.

Never forget, dear ones, that love is the most powerful force in existence. Become a Warrior of Love, wielding a sword of light in a sea of darkness. Light a path for others to follow. Create a mighty wave of light-bearers, shining the essence of Truth to dissolve the black dirge that has taken over your planet.

Take up the mantle of sovereignty once again. You are here for this very cause.

Be who you know you are.

Call on me if you have need, for I am always here.”



I hope this download of wisdom resonates in the deepest part of your being ❤︎

I’m feeling it! We, each of us — you and I — have to BE THE CHANGE we want to see.

Choose LOVE.

To taking our collective power back & healing the world with a tsunami of love,

Starsong Maiden

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