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Resistance vs Flow — Starseed tips on how to get out of your own way & align with your highest good

Have you ever had such a transcendent moment of spiritual connection, when your heart is so overflowing that you don’t even realize you’re crying until you feel the tears on your face?

I received a stunning and unexpected gift of clarity this morning, as I bowed my head in gratitude after meditation. With my hands clasped together, the tips of my fingers touching my forehead in astounded silence for the flood of absolute bliss that had taken me over, a picture book of other lives flashed into my consciousness. Past incarnations (or rather simultaneous incarnations if you understand that time is not linear) where I had prayed in the same way for the healing of this planet and her people.

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"Insight" by Dhira Lawrence

I could sense the many roles I played in those lifetimes. Nun, mother, priestess, acolyte, witch, healer, wise woman — lightworkers all. In each of these lives, I intuited that I walked a path of spiritual union, following my intuition and looking to the Divine for guidance & healing.

The common thread suffusing each snippet of imagery was the same — LOVE. I felt such profound and deep love pouring through me in that multidimensional moment; love for all of humanity and Mother Earth. It was an extraordinary flash of insight that I can still feel breathing through my veins even now. I find myself held by and infused with it more and more each day.

I can feel in the marrow of my being that this kind of love is what’s going to save us.

Unconditional love is what will heal our reality ❤︎

In keeping with this inspired tenet, I will share some vital pieces of wisdom I’ve been given in the past few months. Since March of this year, our world has been turned upside down in many ways... let’s see if we can steer this ship toward calmer waters a bit, eh?


Tip #1Level of Judgement = Level of Ascension

This one might sound a bit harsh to some of you but it’s super important to grasp. As our planet and entire universe shifts vibrationally, ascending to a higher dimension and frequency (i.e. moving from 3rd & 4th density to 5th density), the polarities between these different dimensions are becoming more and more glaringly apparent. This can cause those aligned with one dimension to view those more aligned with another dimension as “wrong” or at the very least, confusing, because the other person’s truth seems so opposite or out of alignment compared to their own (more on this later).

higher consciousness, starseed, self empowerment, spiritual guidance, ascension, positive mindset, 5th dimension, new earth, ascension tips

It’s important to note that none of these positions are "wrong" and there can be more than one truth at the same time — it all depends on what perspective your viewing the situation from. At the core, everything in existence is Source experiencing itself in different ways. Thus, nothing is inherently wrong, just different.

The frequency of judgement is a low vibration and will keep you stuck in the 3rd/4th dimension and — you guessed it — stuck manifesting dense, 3rd/4th dimensional experiences.

If you notice that you are triggered by someone else’s perspective or view, ask yourself why. As with all other emotional triggers, this is an invitation to dig deeper and find out what's going on underneath that jagged edge. Why are you feeling how you’re feeling? Is there a previous experience that made you feel a similar way and this new occurance is bringing those old wounds up to the surface? Why does it matter what another person thinks in the grand scheme of things? Could it be that their opinion feels threatening because it forces you to reexamine your beliefs?

Often we can become defensive when our world view is under fire because it feels unsafe or unsettling. We humans have a dreadful habit of equating being "right" with being safe. Having your perspective challenged is a good thing! It means that you have an opportunity to take in new info and broaden your horizons. The minute you stop being able to take in new information, you stop growing as a person. Even if you don’t end up agreeing or adopting everything the expanded view reveals — it’s still showing up for your benefit somehow, or it wouldn’t be there to begin with. There is no such thing as coincidences or mistakes in the realm of Spirit.

Let me just repeat that again: there is no such thing as coincidences or mistakes.

The Divine and our highest self give us exactly what we need at exactly the right moment, for our evolution and highest good (even if it appears otherwise to us mere mortals).

What is this trigger here to show you about yourself?

Tip #2Boundaries = CRITICAL Self-Care

It might seem like the concept of boundaries is counterintuitive to being in flow. Yet in truth, boundaries are VITAL for wellbeing and resonance, especially right now with our current global scene of shifting sands.

Boundaries keep you aligned with your highest good. If you want to keep your energy as high and clean as possible (which is key for ascension), you have to employ steadfast boundaries.

Every energy that you take in has to match the energy of what you want to create.

If you want more positivity and love in your life, only allow positive and loving energy to come into (and remain in) your energy field.

If you want more healing, peace and harmony in the world, focus on those things more than anything else.

Whatever you focus on the most is what gets created the most, both for your future experience and our collective experience as a people. We are literally co-creating what happens in our collective reality on a day-to-day basis by virtue of what we put our energy (a.k.a. power) toward.

Boundaries aren’t just about other people and what you allow in your relations with them. Everything you consume — news, movies, tv shows, magazines, social media, books, podcasts, the people you spend the most time with, the opinions and beliefs you immerse yourself in, the energy you dwell in most of the time, the vibration of the food you eat, the vibration of the water you drink — all of this becomes what you create more of.

Consider carefully what you are consuming and if you want more of that to show up. If it makes you feel drained, depressed or in a state of fear afterward, I suggest not doing it anymore.


a) For more info on the hidden minefield in mainstream media, check out this Blog Post.

b) Clearing your energy field can be extremely useful after exposing yourself to icky energy via media, people, etc. For more info on how to do that, go here.

Simple yet profound boundary statements you can adopt with others for more harmony:

  1. “If we can’t have a calm conversation, let’s shelve it for later or just agree to disagree.”

  2. “No sorry, that doesn’t resonate with me.” or “That doesn’t feel aligned for me.”

  3. “Let me sit with that.” (Take time to check-in with your intuition before responding)

  4. “I’m pretty exhausted right now, how about tomorrow or another time?”

Say what you need to say with kindness and walk away from anything or anyone that brings more negativity than good. It doesn’t have to be forever; temporary boundaries might be what’s needed until things even out.

The combined energy and vibration of all the things you allow past your protective boundaries becomes the predominate energy and vibration of your life — it also determines which future or dimension you’re aligning with. You can tell which dimension(s) you’re aligning with by what is coming into your life and what you’re focusing on the most.

Here’s a breakdown of the different dimensions:

higher consciousness, starseed, self empowerment, spiritual guidance, ascension, positive mindset, 5th dimension, new earth, ascension tips

Note: I’m not saying that we should ignore the less than pleasant things that are going on personally or globally, just don’t allow those pieces to overwhelm your whole pie.

Feel me?

We won’t solve any of our current problems by focusing only on what we don’t like about them. Instead, we have to focus on solutions and what we DO want, bringing more of that energy into the equation.

Tip #3Stagnant energy = Out of Alignment

For part of my recent New Moon Ritual, I wrote down everything I wanted to release in my life, lit a candle and let the fire consume the paper they were written on. If you haven't tried this exercise, I highly recommend it! Very useful for self-awareness and intention setting.

There were 12 things on my list. As I finished writing them down, I began to notice a bit of a common theme that linked one particular item to every other item on that list: stagnancy!

My oh my, was that an eye-opening epiphany. Mental face palm.

Obviously, this was a big red flag for me and an opportunity to reassess these dissonant elements in order to shift the situation.

The natural state of all life is flow — a continual ebb and flow, moving in and out of different stages and cycles. An effortless rhythm that follows a cadence aligned with balance and harmony.

higher consciousness, starseed, self empowerment, spiritual guidance, ascension, positive mindset, 5th dimension, new earth, ascension tips
"Letting Go" by Alisha Lee Jeffers

An easy way to tell if an area of your life is out of alignment with your highest good is to look for anything that is stagnant, unchanging, terribly dreary or has a lack energy. Anything in these categories is essentially taking up energetic space and not allowing new or better things to flow into your sphere of existence.

For example, let’s say that you want to create more abundance in your life. Money is an energy, like everything else in existence, and is meant to be in a state of flow. If you regularly find yourself unwilling to give to charity, feeling anxiety when spending money or agonizing over bills/debt, this is a sure way to stop up the flow of energy for yourself. You’re basically affirming and shouting to the universe, “I never have enough money!” And this becomes your belief and your future experience, because you’re constantly focusing your attention on this kind of restrictive frequency. When energy is in balance, there is an equal flow of giving and receiving.

You have to give if you want to receive.

Stagnancy in one area can also correspond to lack of flow in another area. Having a hoard of unused items in your closet or basement that aren’t useful or necessary is stagnant energy that’s taking up real estate on your energetic map — which will affect how much energy can flow into all the other areas on the map if there’s no available land for use.

More examples of this concept are: eating habits that feel heavy/uncomfortable, old patterns or behaviors that no longer bring joy (or that never did), always choosing comfort over growth or security over passion, not taking action on intuitive nudges, disempowering beliefs or limiting thoughts ruling the day, etc.

Make sense?

If you want to create more flow and drum up more energy wattage that can be used to fuel important and meaningful agendas for you, then give more with an open heart, let go of old patterns that feel out of alignment and get rid of old stuff you don’t need.

Tip #4Shift your Perspective = Change your Experience

Did you think The Matrix was just a movie? Look back on everything we've seen in 2020 and think again. We are waking up from the collective dream we were told was reality. The truth of our world can be uncomfortable in many ways, similar to the ugly truth of real life outside the software program that Neo had to face.

We cannot go back to the way things were... just like Dorothy, we can’t put the man back behind the curtain and pretend he’s a wizard anymore. But our truth is also one of profound beauty and empowerment.

WE are the wizards in this story. We have all the power — we just didn’t know it.

higher consciousness, starseed, self empowerment, spiritual guidance, ascension, positive mindset, 5th dimension, new earth, ascension tips
Art by Dhira Lawrence

You can choose to look at what’s happening in your life and in the world as something hard, awful, unnecessary and impossible. You can point fingers and take a victim stance — which will ultimately create more for you to be a victim about. Or you can view this time of change as a natural progression that’s an integral part of the evolution of our souls and the planet.

It’s akin to whining about the seasons — you can bemoan the unsavory changes, resist and struggle against them (and generally make yourself miserable). Or you can lean into the shift, welcoming a change in experience and the new gifts it has in store for you.

The season of winter can be viewed as:





Crisp and cold in a way that makes you feel alive

Quiet in a way that allows you to go within & reconnect with your true self

Slower paced in a way that helps you realign with your dreams & reorganize your goals

These simple shifts in perspectives actually determine what you experience — your thoughts, emotions and physical manifestations follow your perspectives and overall approach to life.

What you choose, chooses you.

So choose LOVE. Choose beauty. Choose to realign with nature and natural rhythms. Soak in the glorious sunshine. Stop to admire the pretty leaves changing colors and feel the refreshing breeze of Sister Wind on your face. Intentionally connect with the deep grace and bounty of Mother Earth. Dwell in resonance with peace and harmony. Devote your time and energy only to that which brings you joy, fulfillment and freedom. Extend only compassion and kindness to others.

Invite all that’s GOOD into your heart — and give it back to everything around you.


To flowing bliss and intentional transcendence,

Starsong Maiden

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