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Dreamtime Truth Bomb: dreams are real!

Have you ever had a dream that was so real, when you woke up, the lines of waking and sleeping reality blurred for a moment?

dreamtime truth bomb

Dreams can be extraordinary teachers.

Dreams are as "real" as any other dimension of reality. Whether something is physically experienced by the body or just traversed in the mind, our consciousness is present and fully engaged. The mind reacts according to input regardless of imagined or material status — and what follows the mind? The physical body — mind over matter. Thus we manifest our reality beginning with our thoughts (thoughts + feelings + actions = energy vibration → manifestation).

Our souls use the dreamtime as a pathway for awareness and intuitive healing. It’s a form of guidance that can be deceptively complex in its simplicity. At times a meandering albeit well lit path, with useful breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout.

I’ve kept a dream journal near my bedside for many years now. Sometimes I can’t write them down fast enough in my sleepy stupor, so I’ve started using a voice recording app on my phone more recently. It’s been pretty mind-blowing to have a collection of dream landscapes to revisit.

Tip: include the date in your record!

Things become really interesting when you can look at the sequence of patterns over time.

dreamtime landscape truth bomb

In my experience, dream journeys fall under one (or more) of these categories:

  1. guidance couched in metaphor — spotlighting unresolved issues (often fuzzy or confusing), using the language of metaphor & not meant to be taken literally. 

  2. a true meeting of souls — everything is crystal clear and those present look/act/feel/sound exactly as they do in our waking lives or how we remember them, meeting together for a visit or teachable moment of some kind

  3. potential future realities — showing events or circumstances that could come to pass, depending on our free will and the free will of others (also usually clear rather than muddled)

  4. a taste of your hidden talents/powers — abilities acquired in other timelines/lifetimes or some that may yet come to pass (these can be a blend of reality based and ethereal perceptions, usually vivid and visceral)

Using the above framework, you can begin to ascertain the takeaway gift, message or wisdom in your dreams.


The astral story I feel called to share with you today is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had, asleep or otherwise. I hope it touches your heart in the best way ❤︎


I dreamt the world was covered in ice. The ice itself was diseased; an unnatural virus, cunning and sentient, spreading its toxic essence everywhere. Preying mercilessly upon everything living while rapidly overtaking land and sea, encasing all in its tomb of terror. A ruthless plague of darkness, shadowed by confused judgment, social upheaval and hopeless tears.

Panic drenched the air; every molecule was saturated by choking fear.

Dreamtime truth bomb

I was frantically searching for the ingredients for some kind of advanced spell, attempting the impossible — to heal this insidiously faceless, nameless foe. Gathering everything within my reach and bartering for the rest, I held fast to the desperate belief that somehow, this situation was curable.

But time was not my ally; I was slowly being hemmed in by deadly ice on all sides. I eventually became confined along a shallow stretch of shore. Unruly waves and chaotic swells of wind whipped my clothing about, the brutal bite of cold in the air stealing my breath and painfully stinging my lungs. I felt empty and alone; hungry and losing strength by the hour.

dreamtime truth bomb

The bleached sunlight reflecting off the ice on every surface was blinding my watering eyes. I didn’t know which way to turn or what I should do next. No shelter in sight. My options and resources were slipping through my fingers faster than sand in an hourglass.

And then, in a curiously sudden moment of clarity, I glimpsed something ahead. A humble home, almost indistinguishable from the cliff of glittering ice it was precariously perched on, overlooking turbulent sapphire waters and an endlessly bleak horizon.

As I staggered toward the white cottage frosted with icicles the size of saplings, I spied an older man bent over a suitcase just outside the front door. He was shoving last minute items from the house into a black duffle bag, preparing to abandon ship.

In the usual strange way of dreams, I somehow knew that he was an artist. I could feel his heart and see inside his soul; I saw that he used his art as a medium for healing and uplifting others.

dreamtime truth bomb

I called out to him, “Wait! You can’t leave — we need you!”

I felt in the very marrow of my bones that it would be catastrophic to lose even one more bright light shining for the cause of humanity. As he turned toward me, white hair ruffling in the sharp breeze, a kind smile traced his lips even as a deep well of sadness limned his eyes.

“There’s naught else can be done, I’m afraid. Time to move on.” he lamented plainly.

His words knifed my heart, cruel and swift. Clenching my hands into fists and locking my knees, I tried to catch my breath, to grab hold of my wavering faith; to keep my trembling and tears from overtaking my resolve. I watched brokenly as he turned toward his home, the brittle shell of it almost entirely encased in ice.

dreamtime truth bomb

He whispered softly to it, so softly I almost didn’t hear, “You’ve given me and mine so much in this life. I’ll think of you fondly always, even crippled by the ice as you are now — it’s part of you, so I’ll love it as well...”

As his quiet farewell faded, swallowed by the howling gale, the ice around where he stood began to melt, slowly receding farther and farther from his doorway, creating a small circle unblemished by rot.

The surprise of it nearly bowled me over. The truth dawned on me like a lightning strike through my core: love was the answer. OF COURSE!

I connected with the sparkling consciousness of the Divine as I would during a meditation, following the well-worn internal circuit, allowing Source to fill my heart and my energy field with the highest level of love possible.

Then I began to sing.

I sang this transcendent love into the world; touching every plant, person, creature, rock and cell in existence. Each and every piece of time and space received it. No corner was left bereft — every molecule was linked together in a beautiful harmonious chord of blossoming joy.

dreamtime truth bomb

The sound of my voice was otherworldly. An awesome supernatural resonance poured out of my atoms and into the collective. The Divine was channeling its creative force through my instrument.

My heart chakra exploded outward in every direction, like a star gone supernova. Mystical rays of opalescent light shone everywhere. All the infested ice dissolved away; balance was restored in response to the vibration of absolute love woven in the song of Spirit.

dreamtime, truth bomb, resonance frequency

Even more astounding was what the disappearing ice revealed.

A rainbow of vibrant colors previously unknown to Earth appeared beneath the receding line of poisonous ice. Gorgeously potent energy filled everything to the brim, pregnant with power and flowing vitality.

In the blink of an eye, our universe became something new — a higher octave of itself, luminous with infinite potential.

high vibration


I awoke from this dream lit from within, every pore of my being alive in exultation and purpose.

Can you feel the truth of this story in your soul? Does it call to that innermost light in the seed of your consciousness, someplace sacred deep within?

It certainly did for me.

I hope this dreamscape awakens something beautiful and inspired in you. With hearts and hands linked, we can restore harmony to our world. Love really is the answer to every question ❤︎

As you travel the trails of your life today, bring love into every action, every relationship, every handshake, every perspective, every hardship. You have no idea how many lives you have the ability to touch through the arc of your daily trajectory, all the lines that spread out in a radius from your interactions to other points of connection — make them count.

we are one

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” — Paramahansa Yogananda

Here's to the dreamy essence of night blooming visions & magic twinkling through the veil,

Starsong Maiden

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