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Cleanse that sh**!

Humor aside, this really is an important topic — one that often gets overlooked on the spiritual path and life in general. I’ve been shocked at how many healers, seekers and spiritual enthusiasts have missed this crucial step. It’s absolutely vital!

Would you consider meeting the man of your dreams for your first date with all your past boyfriends and your parents coming along with you?

How about showing up to a black tie event when you haven’t showered for months?

I’m betting the answer reverberating through your offended brain is, “Oh hell, no!”

Or maybe just, “Eeeeeeww!”

These examples may seem obviously extreme but they are far too close to the truth:

If you’re not cleansing your energy field regularly, you are essentially trying to navigate the world while dragging around a whole bunch of gunk and energetic baggage — most of which isn't even yours!

Every environment we go in, every person we spend time with, every item we own or borrow — all of them have residual energy from previous encounters and owners. Energy doesn’t die or just evaporate; it’s timeless and virtually immortal.

Everything is made of energy, hence, energy gets imprinted all over the place.

Take for example romantic relationships. After you date someone for months or years or even a couple weeks, the individual energy of both people, the overall energy of that relationship, as well as the emotional energy (including triggers) from the partnership — the good, bad and ugly — sticks to you and your partner until otherwise processed or released.

And depending on how entangled you were energetically as a couple, that person’s energy can stay entwined with yours for a loooong time after you breakup, even when you’re no longer around that person physically.

Disturbing, yeah?

Same goes for houses, businesses and other spaces; sometimes energy gets left behind and lingers. And don’t get me started on ghosts and entities (internal shudder).

Without getting into the hairy details here, just believe me when I say, some of them have seriously icky juju.

For our purposes with this article, suffice it to say that sometimes souls get confused after the death of the body or have a strong emotional attachment to someone or something (usually a house or place with significant memories) and get stuck in what I call the “gray zone".

This zone earned its name because when I tune into this dimension, which is closely paralleled to the Earth plane, everything looks gray and has a dull, “not quite alive” vibe. There are a lot of mediums who have seen this dimension.

Souls who are in the gray zone are locked to the Earth plane and yet separate from it, until such time as they resolve whatever caused them to become stymied in the first place (or some kind-hearted lightworker or mystic helps them to move on).

There are also fragments of intense energy, usually bound by the common thread of a certain emotional frequency (anger, fear, etc.), that break away from a person's energy field when the physical body transitions into death or during some other extreme emotional incident. These fragments of energy roam until they come across another host body which has a matching emotional frequency and attach to it — like attracts like.

These energetic fragments are what those of us who are clairvoyant or clairsentient (people who can intuitively see or feel subtle energy — though let's be clear, all of us have these abilities but not everyone chooses to develop them) call entities.

I know some of this probably sounds very “woo woo” and unbelievable to the average person.

I totally get it.

I can’t say that I understand the full breadth of this area even after all these years of study. But there are some things that become impossible to ignore when you experience them on a daily basis; you have to accept their existence — or deal with unpleasant consequences.

As an empath (someone who feels the emotions and pain of others as if they are my own), I feel a lot of energies that are sometimes hard to decipher. I used to get really bogged down by a lot of feelings that weren’t mine and bombarded with residual energy in places I went to. It wasn’t until I started learning how to banish these energies that I finally found some measure of peace.

Luckily, I’m here to give you the cliff notes version!

Go here to download my handy guide with the tried and true techniques I’ve found for cleansing that work the best. As always, keep whatever parts work for you & leave the rest.

I hope you find this article and the accompanying Guide enlightening ❤︎ 

Feel free to reach out to me on social media @starsongmaiden and let me know what you think! If you feel inspired, you can also 'Like' this article using the ♥️ icon on the bottom righthand corner of this post or comment below.

Love and Blessings to you,

Starsong Maiden


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