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Answering the Divine Call — Creating a New Earth in the 5th Dimension

When I opened a new blank document on my trusty tablet today, intending to write a short intro for the channeled poem I planned on sharing with you all, the following words simply flowed right out of me. There was no stopping to think about it or pausing to figure anything out — these sentences just took their rightful place in this post and would not be denied. I could only surrender and allow myself to be the vessel for this Divine transmission to flow through.


The Divine Self speaks:

We are here. We have arrived at the place we incarnated for; to escort a new era into being. Our souls know this place; our souls chose this place, this experience. Our souls committed to coming here for this very moment in time. We knew it wouldn’t be easy — no, we knew it would be excruciatingly hard. But we came anyway.

We came in answer to a Divine call.

We came to be of service, to share our hearts and gifts. We decided to answer the question we heard riding on the winds of change. We added our soul’s knowledge and particular signature codes into the helix of manifestation needed to bring about the new age.

We came to lend a hand in restoring balance and creating a New Earth in 5th dimensional reality.

New earth, 5th dimension, co-creation, channeling, channeled message, divine destiny, higher consciousness
Earth Angel by Nancy Medina

We fell willingly into the vortex of forgetfulness and the unknown. We, the spiritual warriors of the Divine, embraced the ultimate sacrifice and dove despite uncertainty, taking up the fight for humanity. We tumbled into a dense and complex physical realm in order to heed the entreaty for freedom heard round the multiverse.

We drew our swords of light and flew toward the swirling black void, our voices screaming a battle cry of righteous fury.

Many of our spirit brothers and sisters journeyed with us; they too embraced the nature of this contract and all that came with it, in reverence to the sacred law of sovereignty. To right the wrongs that have been committed here in this backward corner of the galaxy, where darkness still lingers in power.

That darkness is standing on its last leg now; the curtains are almost lifted. The veil of shuttered confusion and stifling disempowerment has already begun to dissolve. It won’t be long now. The bleakness before the dawn always seems never-ending — this is an illusion, one which a higher perspective will break wide open.

You are all exactly where you need to be, my loves.

Nothing is coincidental, nothing is unnecessary. Every piece of the puzzle is needed in order to orchestrate the highest outcome. Fear not the seeming thundercloud shadow of doom; this too is an illusion. The shadow frames the light. Without the shadow, the light would not shine as brightly or feel as glorious.

This is a time for singing healing and embracing each other with hearts full of joy and remembrance. This is a time for transcendence. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

New earth, 5th dimension, co-creation, channeling, channeled message, divine destiny, higher consciousness
Bright Night Of The Soul by Flora Aube

Remember your soul’s mission in this lifetime. Remember why you are here. Remember that you are infinite and limitless, a diamond fractal of The One Source Consciousness. Nothing and no one can stop you if you embrace the truth of who you really are.

You are Divine LOVE.

You are Divine LIGHT.

Closed doors and confounding hallways cannot contain you; they never could. Finite wars and merciless generals cannot defeat you. Viruses and disease are only a temporary hindrance; a tiny drop in the endless stream of time. Your soul is INFINITELY vast. All knowing, all seeing.

Nothing could or ever would stop you from reconnecting with Divine Source — all came from this endless womb; all shall return there. At every point of disconnection, at every fork in the road, at every bend, at every rest, Source is waiting.

This life is but a thread in the tapestry of your soul.

New earth, 5th dimension, co-creation, channeling, channeled message, divine destiny, higher consciousness
Spirit Weavers by Tamara Phillips

You can weave it in any pattern you choose — all is beautiful. One way or another, all will come out right eventually. The nature of your Divine Self cannot be hidden. Your truth will shine regardless.

It is written.

All is well, dear heart. ALL IS WELL.

Take this truth into your heart, plant this seed in the deepest part of your soil. Nurture the sprout until it booms into its fullest expression — DIVINE PROVIDENCE. Allow this manifestation of True Love to take root in every level of your being, in every small corner of who you are.

You are loved. You are precious and looked upon with wonder in the eyes of those who have stayed behind, safe in their Divine form. We all greatly admire your bravery in the face of brutal chaos. Only the most courageous souls took on this challenge.

You are MIGHTY. Never forget.

Step into your power — the power you were born to unleash.

Align with your soul’s frequency. Align with your Divine Self.

Merge with the river of your Destiny.

New earth, 5th dimension, co-creation, channeling, channeled message, divine destiny, higher consciousness
Painting by unknown artist



And thus, the omniscient presence and magnificent voice of Eternity has spoken.

May these words ignite your heart and light you from within, resonating in the most sacred center of your essence, as they have done for me ❤︎

Here’s to embracing the Divine Destiny we came to fulfill,

Starsong Maiden

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