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FLOWER (94).png
FLOWER (94).png

Come walk with me under the blessed moon

Come dance with silver stars and soon

Even the breath you sleep inside

That glittering veil, the myth of time


Sing to me of sacred well and stones 

Sing to me of wandering souls reborn

Sing to me of graceful tide and loving sea

Sing the song of creation to set us free

If you found your way to my doorstep, chances are it's because there's something vital waiting for you here and — you guessed it — this moment is now the right and perfect time for you to access it... 

Say what, now?


Beyond what the eyes can see, deeper than what the mind can know, there is a transcendent energy that can be felt in our hearts.  Within the framework of the physical body, a conscious spark of the Divine is housed in each of us, connecting us to each other and to all of creation. I consider myself to be a handmaiden of that Divine Source, in service as a starseed channel & vessel to the harmony of ethereal resonance among the stars ✦  

Everything in existence has a certain vibration.  Our frequency — the frequency of our body, thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs and energy field as a whole — all of these elements carry a certain vibration, which combine to create a resonance specific to you, a song that changes based on what you are choosing or being at any given time. 


When we consciously connect to Source through our heart space, our true essence is revealed and reflected back to us.  Our resonance shifts and the frequency of our song becomes lighter, brighter and higher — we ascend.   

Welcome to the Ascension


Whatever you find within these virtual pages that ignites you inside, it's no accident! There is no such thing as coincidence in the realm of Spirit. 


I’m no guru — no more important or radiant than you are; I'm just a bit farther down this branch of the path, lighting the way for you... just as you may light the way for more hearts on other branches of the path. You can read more about me here.

Each star that shines brightly adds its illumination to our collective cosmic constellation, allowing more souls to align with their highest self and step into their unique brilliance.  


We create more light together ❤︎

Why you are here...

Call of the Goddess


Our world is in a time of great upheaval and great awakening. A time when the Divine Feminine is rising... we are being called forward to balance the scales of reality and justice, to bring harmony in partnership with the Sacred Masculine.  Can you hear the call — will you answer?

Sing to the Great Mother, naked alone
Sing to sky and earth with mind undone
Come what may, remember Her voice
Map the crystal grid of sparkling choice
Recall your sword of shining might
Take up your shield, find your sight 
Up the steps of the Tor we stride
Unfurl your gilded wings and fly
Follow the whispers of an ancient line
The Goddess speaks to all her kind 
Join the harmony on the drifting wind
Rise with sisters and Priestess kin
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